Kitesurfing voucher

Give the gift of pure joy and bring a big smile to someone's face. A voucher for a kitesurfing course for a birthday or for Christmas will have the recipient dancing with anticipation!

Kitesurfing voucher to print out yourself.

The Perfect Kitesurfing Gift

Kursgutschein Buchen

Wertgutschein buchen

5 reasons why a gift certificate for a kite course is the perfect present:


1. It is always the right time.

A surf voucher is a very special gift that brings joy not only at Christmas but throughout the entire year. Simply choose the kite course or a desired amount and truly surprise someone!


2. Kiting makes you happy and keeps you healthy

We wish happiness and health to every birthday child. Kitesurfing actually contributes to this! It promotes fitness and ensures balance. Additionally, a whole range of happiness hormones is released. This way, birthday wishes truly come true.


3. Kitesurfing is safe and quick to learn

Those who take their kitesurfing course at a professional school have the best conditions to be safe on the water and learn kiting in just a few days. Our kite students achieve their first successes already in the beginner course!


4. Kitesurfing is a sport for everyone

We train surf students of all ages and skill levels. It is also a great team sport, whether with colleagues, your own partner, good friends, or even the whole family. Sharing a common hobby in nature is simply a lot of fun!


5. There's something for everyone

A voucher for a course or even the kite camp? Kite beginners will definitely get their money's worth with us. For those who are already a step further, you can also choose a private lesson as a course voucher to specifically hone their skills. Don't want to commit? Then simply book a value voucher, so the recipient is completely flexible and can choose the right kite course with us.


Any questions about the kitesurf voucher? Just send us an inquiry and we will get in touch with you immediately.


What are the options for surfing vouchers?

You are completely flexible when it comes to choosing the voucher: We will issue you both course vouchers for a surf course selected by you, as well as vouchers. To do this, you choose a free amount that can be redeemed at the Pepelow kitesurfing school.

How is the surf voucher redeemed?

It's easy to do this via our booking system. To do this, select the surf course and your preferred date. Then enter your voucher number in the appropriate box and we will take care of your booking.

What does the surf voucher look like?

You have the option to personalize the voucher during the booking process (recipient). We hope you and the recipient like our new design!

How is the voucher sent?

Shortly after your booking, you will receive a confirmation email from us with your surf voucher (PDF format). You can print out your gift card directly or simply give it away digitally.

When does the voucher expire?

All vouchers are valid with us for three years (general statute of limitations). However, this does not apply to remaining balances (see FAQs).

When does the remaining balance from my surfing course expire?

If there is still a remaining credit from a course already completed, you have a lifetime validity to redeem it at our surf school.

Is the voucher transferable?

With the consent of the recipient, your voucher is transferable at any time.

Is it possible to apply a course voucher for a beginner course when booking the kite camp?

Of course, it is possible to redeem your course voucher for another surf course with us. It will then be processed easily through the booking system.