Wingsurfen Lernen

Looking for the ideal location for wing surfing? Then schedule your subsequent trip to the Baltic Sea straight to Salzhaff. In the serene shallow water lagoon, you can comfortably uncover the wholly new surfing feeling under the wing on your own.

Learning to surf with a wing is especially feasible where minimal wave is generated. For this purpose, the sheltered Salzhaff provides the appropriate outset. The trend sport is extremely popular not without reason:

3 reasons why learning to wing surf is a lot of fun:

1. Wing surfing is simple and fast to master, and it's extremely safe because the wing is in your hand, allowing you direct control.

2. There is no heavy or complex equipment. You don't need lines like in kitesurfing, you don't have a hard surf rig like in windsurfing, and besides, the wing is super light and ready to start at any time due to the inflated frame.

3. You have less material investment and hence lower expenses, since you're well equipped with just one wing size for nearly all wind conditions, thereby saving you the cost of pricey gear.


In the 3-day beginner wing surfing course, you learn the basics of wing surfing in small groups and have time to try out on the large surf lagoon alongside your licensed surf instructor.


If you already have experience from kite or windsurfing, you can get off to a flying start with us in private wing surfing lessons. Here, your training is adapted to your individual level and you have maximum learning success under the wing. Are you already a confident wing surfer and want to learn wing foiling with us? In private wing foiling lessons, we'll reveal to you step by step how to get into hovering!

Find the appropriate kite course and anticipate ideal learning conditions in the shallow water zone.
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Grab your paddle and explore the Baltic Sea coast at one of the most beautiful surf spots.
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