Stand up Paddling

Would you like to discover the coast from the water? Then join us on the SUP. In our classes, you master the ideal paddle technique and witness the Salzhaff on the SUP tours at the Baltic Sea from captivating viewpoints.

The Pepelow surf school is the suitable starting point for SUP sports, especially for beginners and children. While the Baltic Sea with its waves and coastal winds can make it difficult to get started with stand up paddling, the protected bay of the Salzhaff is the suitable place to finally get started and explore the surroundings from the water.

We'll instruct you: With our qualified surf tutors (VDWS-licensed), you'll develop a genuinely good board sensation quickly and learn to deal with your SUP paddle optimally. The serene waters of the Salzhaff ensure a laid-back beginning for the SUP starter lesson.


Do you want to make quick progress? Then the intensive training in the SUP double private hour is just right for you. Your personal surf instructor will be by your side and reveal all the tips and tricks for handling the SUP board and paddle.

Find the appropriate kite course and anticipate ideal learning conditions in the shallow water zone.
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Get started now with the newest gear in the vast surf lagoon of Salzhaff.
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